Welsh farm launches range of dog cheese

A farm in mid Wales has launched the world’s first range of dog cheeses.

The cheese is made from dogs’s milk and has gone on sale stores nationwide.

Farmer Colin LargeWellies told WalesOnCraic:

“I was lying in bed last year and wondering how I was going to afford to keep a herd of cows. They’re big, expensive things to keep alive and as I was lying there worrying, my dog came up and sniffed my arse. At first, I told her to go away but then it hit me like a thunderbolt – why not farm dog milk? I took my dog down to a mate’s house so I could get her impregnated. After a while, she popped out a few puppies which we sold to some fella who came around in a white van. We then hooked my dog up to a milking machine and milked her dry. We then realised that she’d dry up pretty quickly so we got her pregnant again. Then we took her other puppies off her and repeated the process several times. After a while, we made our first batch of cheese. It tasted like any other kind of milk so we got a few more dogs in, got them all pregnant and milked them dry. We launched our first cheese called ‘Canine Crunch’ in November and it went down a treat at Christmas festivals.”

Big orders meant that Largewellies was able to launch a second, stronger cheese which they called ‘The Dog’s Bollocks’.

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