Welsh family’s priority on holiday is finding other Welsh families on holiday

A recent study has shown that the number one priority for Welsh holiday makers is finding other Welsh people on holiday.

The study was undertaken by Prof. Jimmy CleverClogs, who studied the behaviour of 30 Welsh families abroad.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Welsh people are magically drawn to each other on holiday. Whether they pick up on an accent or whether they see another in a red sporting T-shirt, we’re not quite sure. But sooner or later, these Welsh holiday-makers will find each other and bond. In some cases, next door neighbours have found themselves on hollibobs together when neither of them knew that they were going. It’s all still quite a mystery.”

Holiday-maker Dai Twunt said:

“We met some Welsh family down by the pool last week mun. We’ve been joined at the hip all week and in more ways that one. Woohoo!”

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