Welsh economy booming thanks to sales of wolf fleeces

The Welsh economy has seen its strongest quarter since Brexit thanks mainly to sales of wolf fleeces.

Sales of the winter warmers that depict images of wolves have rocketed since the onset of the autumn weather.

Clive Gingerballs, head of The Fleece Association of Wales told WalesOnCraic:

“We always have a good run around this time of year but we’ve seen a very large rise since the weather turned colder. The Welsh economy is now booming thanks to the sales of these fleeces and we are hoping that we’ll have a good export season as the weather gets colder in other parts of the world.”

Wolf fleece fan Ethel StumpyLegs said:

“I’ve got four fleeci and I like to alternate when I wear them. I wear the wolf one when I goes down to Poundland, the other wolf one when I goes to PoundWorld, the puppy one when I’m on the pull and the one with the wolf howling at the moon when I’m feeling under the weather.”

Sales of the wolf fleeces are expected to top £4.4bn by the end of the month.

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