Welsh Coastguard told Russian warships to ‘jog on or we’ll get the boys round’

Reports have emerged that Welsh coastguard told Russian warships to ‘jog on’ last week as they passed through the English Channel.

A flotilla of Russian ships, including the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov sailed past the UK earlier this week.

A spokesman for the coastguard told WalesOnCraic:

“We’d headed down to the English Channel to do a spot of fishing which is what we like to do when we’re not busy rescuing people. We was having a nice day when this bloody great big ship sails up and ruins our view. You could hardly see it for all the smoke it was belching out. They radioed us and told us to get out of the way or they’d run us over but I’d only just opened a bottle of pop so I radioed them back and told them to jog on or I’d get the boys around. They didn’t reply – they just changed course and went on their way.”

Another spokesman for the Coastguard Association said:

“Where did you get this information from? Are you sure you just didn’t make it up?”

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