Welsh Coastguard tell potential hijackers to ‘jog on or we’ll get the boys round’

The Welsh Coastguard Association has warned potential hijackers from thinking about seizing any ships around Welsh waters.

The Welsh Coastguard Assocation was responding to news that the SBS successfully stormed a hijacked ship off the Isle of Wight last night.

In a press release, the group said:

“Lads – don’t even think about hijacking any of the ships in our waters. Your Nigerian boys made the mistake of seizing a ship just outside of Poole last night, which was a bit of a shame for them as that’s where the Special Boat Service are based. Here in Wales, we’ve got Valley Commandos waiting in every port around our country, ready to leap into action once they’ve finished their kebab and pint of Carling. These boys don’t mess around either. No questions asked. Your face won’t look like it did when you started your hijacking so jog on.”

The SBS took just nine minutes to secure the Liberian-registered Nave Andromeda in the English Channel last night.

“Our lads may take a little longer,” admitted the Welsh Coastguard Association, “but they will get there. Eventually.”

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