Welsh Author Sells Millionth Copy of His Book ‘How Do Talentless Fuckwits Earn More Than Me?’

A Welsh author has sold his millionth copy of his book ‘How Do Talentless Fuckwits Earn More Than Me?’

The book, written by Bryn ‘Bryn’ Cartwright, answers the question that most working people ask themselves. His millionth copy was bought by an office worker from Llanelli.

Cartwright told WalesOnCraic:

“I first published the book back in 2013 after I noticed that there were so many fuckwits earning more money than me. I was working in a call centre and had this twat of a 19 year old telling me that I couldn’t go for a piss, or that my call times were down. Then at 5pm, he’d jump into his convertible Audi and fuck off to the golf course. Meanwhile, I’d be there till 8pm cold-calling people who were trying to watch Coronation Street.”

The book remained largely unknown until it was featured on a local radio station.

Cartwright added:

“I haven’t made much money from it to be honest. I still look around today – real thick-as-shit people, with no personality or discernible talent – and they’re still earning more than me.”

The book is available in all good book shops and some shit ones.

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