Welsh Assembly to disguise wind farms as giant daffodils

The Welsh Assembly has unveiled plans to disguise wind farms as giant daffodils.

The Assembly said it had diverted £40bn from hospital funds to paint the giant turbines yellow.

A spokesman for the Assembly said:

“We’ve been getting a lot of bother from people who really don’t like the wind farms. We are looking to deliver sustainable energy and this means that we can’t get rid of the wind farms. We had a meeting down the Albert last night and decided that the next best thing would be to tart the windmills up a bit. One of our bright sparks suggested that we paint them yellow and to try and pass them off as daffodils. As you know, we get billions of tourists here to Wales just to look at our daffodils. We figured that if we paint our wind farms yellow, tourists will be able to see them from afar, which will save them getting too close and having to put up with the noise. We got our Photoshop expert to mock up a picture of what they would look like and we’ve distributed it to all media channels this morning.”

One critic said that the idea was a shit one.

“It’s a shit idea. Why don’t they just grow large daffodils instead? I know a man who grew a large marrow once and won a prize. He wife was very happy with it too.”

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