Weather Warning: Shitload of Thunderstorms Bubbling Up For Friday

There’s always a pay-off for anything good isn’t there? And that rings true with the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having – Mother Nature doesn’t want us to have too much fun. With that in mind, she’s sending a shitload of thunderstorms on their way to Wales. Even the Met Office have issued a Severe Weather Warning. Here’s what they’ve got to say for themselves:

“An area of warm, very humid air is expected to move northwards across France into southern Britain later on Thursday and into Friday. Whilst isolated thunderstorms are possible from Thursday, these become more likely and potentially more severe by Friday afternoon, with the potential for 20 to 30 mm falling within an hour or so, probably on a very localised basis. Indications are that a more organised band of heavy rain and thunderstorms will follow by Friday evening and overnight into Saturday, bringing 25 to 50 mm of rain more widely, again with the potential for some very high short-period totals. Given the complexity of the developments leading up to this event, ideas on areas at greatest risk of heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms may well change, and this warning will be updated accordingly.

Isolated severe thunderstorms seem likely to develop on Friday, these succeeded by a band of more widespread heavy rain and occasional thunderstorms, moving gradually north later in the day, affecting much of the highlighted region into the early hours of Saturday morning.  The public should be aware that there is a chance of some very localised significant disruption, mainly from surface water flooding. Lightning and hail could also cause some impacts.”

So there you have it. Stock up on teabags and biscuits and cwtch up tight – we could be in for a real treat! And remember – if you’re going to get struck by lightning, always wear wellies and try and outrun the strike if you can.

Derek the Weathersheep x


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