Weather Latest: Weather to get slightly warmer and then slightly colder again

The UK’s weather is set to get slightly warmer before getting slightly colder again, according to clever expert people.

The weather is currently at the ‘quite cold’ stage but is set to rise to ‘quite warm’ before dropping to ‘a little bit cold’ again.

Welsh weather expert Derek the Weathersheep told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been watching these charts with interest over the last few days and the reason we have quite cold weather at the moment is because we have quite cold air around. We are expecting some slightly warmer air to move into the UK over the next day or so, bringing with it some pissy rain. After that, some quite cold air moves back in which means that things will feel quite cold. We can expect people to moan slightly about how cold it is and some people will want to wear extra layers and rub their hands together dramatically.”

Another expert said:

“I was quite cold in bed last night but I’m hoping to be warmer tonight. I’ve added an extra blanket, which I can remove if I’m too hot.”

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