Weather Experts: It might stop raining one day

Welsh weather experts have taken the unusual step of announcing that the rain might stop one day.

Wales has seen rain every day for the last 29 years, prompting some villages to introduce water taxis instead of the usual buses.

Weather expert Derek the Weathersheep said:

“We’ve been moist on our farm in Brecon for the last 3 months. I think the last time I saw a bit of sun, I literally burnt my bollocks off. And what for? It’s rained ever since. Every place in Wales is hoping to see the sun so that people can be reassured that it still exists. Looking at my charts, I can confidently predict that the rain will stop one day. What day that is, I’m not too sure. But the law of averages says that it should.”

Wales has seen continuous rain since fuck knows when. Experts are blaming the rain on a No Deal Brexit.

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