Election 2017

Wales’s richest individual earns £340 a year says Diane Abbott

The richest person in Wales earns a staggering £340 a year according to Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

The individual was announced as Wales’s richest individual in a Lidl car park last night.

Ms Abbott told reporters:

“We think it’s disgusting that people should be allowed to earn this obscene amount of money. If we were in power, we’d tax them 100% of their earnings. No sorry. Not 100%. We’d tax them 120%. No 600%.”

A spokesman for Mrs Abbott said:

“Are you still rolling out that old joke? Jeez, that’s so last week darling. Why don’t you go and write some real news stories like the ones on the internet. We all know that Diane was having a bad day, like we all do. You’re just peddling click-bait so that you can pay your bosses disgusting amounts of money. Shame on you WalesOnCraic.”

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