WalesOnCraic to be studied at GCSE level

Following its recent success at the Regional Awards, it has been announced that WalesOnCraic is to be studied by GCSE students.

The world-famous blog (this one that you’re reading now) picked up a Blogger of the Year at the prestigious awards ceremony held in Cardiff on Thursday. News of the win has prompted education officials to deem WalesOnCraic of ‘cultural importance’ and have announced that GCSE students will be studying the site as of next year.

WalesOnCraic editor Royston Butterscotch said:

“We are absolutely delighted to hear this news. When we were in school, we had to study shit like Shakespeare. No one had any idea what he was was on about but at least with us, you’ve got some chance of understanding it. We hope that future generations will remember WalesOnCraic fondly, just as I did with the Peter and Jane books.”

A spokeswoman for the Education Committee said:

“Yeah, we loves it, the kids loves it and even my cat loves it. And my cat hates nothing. Apart from WalesOnCraic.”

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