Wales ‘will miss Chris Coleman’s chewing gum’ at the 2020 Euros

Wales will struggle at the UEFA Euros 2020 because they will be without Chris Coleman’s chewing gum, according to a Welsh football expert.

Welsh armchair football coach Gary Twosheds, who has coached all the major clubs in the world from his armchair, said that it was Coleman’s chewing gum that kept the team together during the last campaign.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“When you’re in a big tournament like this, you need something that you can count on; something reliable, something that the team can come to count on. In 2016, it was Chris’s chewing gum. Of course, he’s off doing whatever he’s doing in China right now, and with that will be his chewing gum. Some of the lads in this year’s competition may remember Chris and his chewing gum but my worry is for the new lads who may never know the magic that his chewing gum brought to the team. They’ll miss that and I fear that they’ll be on their way home quicker than Ryan Giggs can say that he’s injured.”

Wales kick off their Euro campaign this weekend with a game against Switzerland, a country renowned around the world for its tropical beaches and triangular chocolate.

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