Wales v Georgia available on Blu Ray in time for Christmas

The thrilling game between Wales and Georgia is set to be released on a commemorative Blu Ray DVD in time for Christmas.

The recent 17 hour French game will also be included as a bonus disc.

A spokesman for some rugby stuff said:

“We know that the crowd didn’t want the game to end yesterday. Some were even leaving during the game to go and watch the first half again at home. We thought we’d treat our fans this Christmas by releasing the game on Blu Ray so that they can relive each minute all over again. We’re going to have extra bonus commentary by the man from down the pub and each DVD will come with a complete unabridged version of the recent French game that took several days to complete. We know that these are going to sell like hotcakes so we’re going to press loads of them. They’ll retail at all good DVD stores, and some of the shit ones.”

Fan Emyr Dullard said:

“Can’t wait to watch that again. I might even play it back at half-speed so I can savour it more.”

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