Wales left without bin day decision makers as Assembly dissolves ahead of elections

Wales has been left without anyone to decide on bin days for our towns and cities as the Assembly dissolves ahead of elections in May.

It means that some areas of Wales will be left in wheelie bin chaos as residents struggle to know what day their bin is collected on.

A spokesman for the Senedd told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had to shut down for the elections like innit? As of today, there are no AMs until May which is great cos I hate mornings ha ha ha ha. Oh mun, I’m so funny. My mam says I should be on the telly. I told her that I’ve got an ideal face for radio ha ha ha ha, oh man. I’m mad I am aren’t I? You have to be mad to work in this place ha ha ha ha….aw man. People are so funny aren’t they? Take my mother-in-law…someone…please…ha ha ha…aw someone stop me.”

One voter said:

“I think it’s disgusting that we’ve been left without any AMs. Who’s going to sit in the Senedd and play Candy Crush now?”

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