Wales to host ParaCrufts next month

Wales is to host the inaugural ParaCrufts Dog Show next month.

The show will showcase the finest dogs with a range of disabilities two weeks after the original Crufts show.

Event co-ordinator Sharon SmellyHouse told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re delighted to be hosting this first show of its kind in Wales. We’ll have all sorts of dogs on show at ParaCrufts – dogs on wheels, deaf dogs, blind dogs and even dogs that can’t smell. They’ll be competing in a range of individual and team-based sports over the week and one overall winner will be declared at the end. Visitors to the event will be entertained by Timmy Mallett who someone’s booked for some reason. Also attending will be the Abergele Stunt Dog Team who will be performing death-defying tricks such as jumping through hoops and rolling on their backs. We’re hoping to make a shitload of money off the back of this so that we can pack in our day jobs and go on holiday over the summer.”

Local dog owner Gary Gubbins said:

“It’ll be a great event to have on our doorsteps. I’m looking forward to seeing the Abergele Stunt Team as I’ve heard all about their crazy antics.”

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