Wales ‘going to play shitly’ against England to lull them into false security

Reports from the Welsh training camp suggest that Wales will look to lose their warm-up game this weekend.

According to sources, Wales will look to ‘play shitly’ against England this weekend, lulling the Saes into thinking that they’re half decent.

A secret spokesman said:

“We pulled the same trick a few years ago. England got on their high horses but then came a cropper when we met them in the World Cup. We’ve told the lads to drop a few high balls here and there, hang onto it a bit too long and miss a few tackles. The English will think that they’re shit hot and go into the World Cup thinking that they’re the dog’s bollocks. That always comes back to bite them on the arse so we think we’re doing the right thing. The last thing we want is to show our full hand too early so we’ll give them this one.”

English fan Tarquin Smythe-Peacock told WalesOnCraic:

“What oh tallywacker. We’ll be bringing one’s cucumber sandwiches to the game and what ho! Down the hatch.”

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