Wales gearing up to the great Easter escape to the tip

The country is gearing up for the great Easter escape to the tip or the ‘recycling centre’ as it is now known.

Easter is second only to Christmas as the busiest time for people to get away and dump their rubbish, old tat and unwanted gifts from Christmas.

Police and council officials expect large queues to build up around recycling centres on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday will be a particularly busy day due to the closure of the centres on Easter Monday when tonnes of garden waste and Easter egg cartons are traditionally produced.

Motorists are advised to take water and food as the wait could be up to half an hour at the busiest centres. As toilet facilities are not available they are also advised to keep a bucket in the car.

Regular tip goer and expert recycler Tommy Tippy said:

“I can’t wait to fill my hatchback with crap so I can tootle down to the tip and spend at least 10 minutes sorting my rubbish into the separate skips. It’s much better than hoovering the house or cleaning the toilet. I don’t care how long I have to wait to get in. It’s a real buzz and I sometimes meet my recycling mates. We can talk for ages about recycling and we often cause chaos for other people waiting to get into the centre. If I’m lucky I may be able to salvage some old flower pots before they go in the skip.”

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