Wales First would ‘tax foreigners living abroad to fund independent Welsh economy’

Political group Wales First have indicated that they would tax foreigners living abroad to fund an independent Welsh economy, should they get into power.

The group, who call themselves a political party and street defence organisation, have risen to prominence in the last few weeks. They are currently putting together a manifesto, which they hope to have ready by the next time Stars On Their Eyes comes on telly.

Leader Gladys Pugh, who didn’t want to be named, told WalesonCraic:

“For an independent Wales, we need a strong Welsh economy. That’s why we propose all foreigners living abroad. That way, we can make sure that we build lots of airports and theme parks. We’d also like our own defence force – we can only make do with roid-heads from Merthyr before their kidneys pack in. We intend to make a stand at this forthcoming election.”

Critics have been quick to blast Wales First and their policies, calling them a ‘disgrace’ and other rude words.

Campaigner ‘Shady’ Glen Biggins said:

“They’re a bunch of arseholes.”

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