Wales First to protest at Eastern European snow settling in Wales

Welsh nationalist group Wales First are to protest at any Eastern European snow that decides to settle in the country.

The group said that the snow was not invited and showed no respect for Welsh borders.

Leader Siân ap Iolo, commonly known as Genghis Siân, told WalesOnCraic:

“If we want snow in our country, we want it to be Welsh snow, not some scruffy Siberian rubbish. The Welsh Assembly is doing nothing to stop this Eastern European rubbish from waltzing into our country unchallenged. This snow should not be allowed to settle here. It should be straight back home to where it came from, wherever that is. We’ve got some members of our team out on watch tonight and if they see any snow, they’re going to make sure that it’s sent straight back. We must protect our borders at any cost. We’ve already got ENGLISH Cheddar in the Spar – before long, this country will be inundated with foreign influence and we’re not having any of it.”

Dubbed the Beast from the East, Eastern European snow is expected to make landfall in Wales at some point over the next day or so.

“We’re not having it!” said ap Iolo.

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