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Wales First Defence Force dispatch ‘armada’ to the Korean Peninsula

Street Defence Force Wales First have dispatched an ‘armada’ of ships to the Koren Pininsula amid rising tensions in the region.

Wales First’s Defence Minister Gwilym ap Gwilym said that they wanted to show solidarity with the White House.

He told a press conference in a Lidl car park last night:

“Our good friend Mr Trump is leading the way in negotiating peace throughout the world through his tough talking. We, like him, agree that North Korea needs to have the shit bombed out of it. We therefore convened down the lounge bar of The Albert last night and decided that we should dispatch our top naval muscle to the region. Our boys left Aberystwyth under the cover of darkness at 3am this morning. They were back by 4am because they were a bit cold but they’ll be leaving again at 3pm when the weather’s supposed to be a bit nicer. We want to send a message to the world that we are shoulder to shoulder with our American cousins.”

Wales First naval squaddie Gareth Gumboots, who couldn’t be named said:

“We left port at 3am but I’d only brought a kagool so we had to go back. I was back in bed by 4. I’ll take my duffel coat next time.”

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