Wales First Begin ‘Max Boyce Patrols’ in Wales To Convert People To Max Boyce

The Wales First Party has started a campaign of what it calls ‘Max Boyce Patrols’ in an attempt to ensure that all Welsh people accept that fact that the Glynneath comedian is the funniest man in Wales.

A video posted (and subsequently removed) from their Facebook page showed activists driving around Merthyr in their Austin Allegro, poking people and telling them that Max Boyce is the funniest Welsh person in Wales.

One onlooker told WalesOnCraic:

“I had only just come out of the charity shop when this guy came along and asked me who I thought was the funniest man in Wales. I told him ‘Owen Money’ and all of a sudden, he went mental. He told me that Owen Money only got his radio show after sleeping with the producer. Then he gave me a leaflet that explained how Max Boyce was the funniest Welsh man in Wales. I chucked it in the bin but don’t tell him.”

Wales First refused to comment on the Max Boyce Patrols but did confirm that some of their members were in Merthyr on the day that the patrols were reported. They also added that H from Steps was the best member of Steps by far, apart from Lisa when she wore skimpy tops.

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