Wales fans research New Zealand family links

Welsh rugby fans are currently researching any links they may have to New Zealand.

The Welsh are hoping that the Kiwis will finally put the oiks to the sword and end England’s run to the Rugby World Cup final.

Welsh rugby fan Dafydd ap Dafydd told WalesOnCraic:

“I sent off for one of those DNA testing kids to find out how much Kiwi blood there is in me and it came back with a reading of 0% so I’m having to research other links that I might have. My mum used to have a Kiri Te Kanawa CD once and my brother also had Jonah Lomu Rugby on the Playstation when I was younger so I think that qualifies me enough to cheer them on against England. I also have a black vest so if anyone asks, I’m 100% Kiwi. Just for Saturday morning anyway.”

The All Blacks are the only team standing between England and a Rugby World Cup Final.

“I don’t normally cheer on the All Blacks because there’s no point because they win everything but I’ll be doing so tomorrow. I’ll be waking up to a hand-job and brekkie from the wife, followed by the game, so if New Zealand can knock out the English, I’ll be a happy man by lunchtime,” added Dafydd.

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