Wales deliberately lose to England to pretend that they’re shit ahead of World Cup

Wales have deliberately lost their game against England in their Six Nations opener to pretend that they are shit ahead of this year’s World Cup.

Warren Gatland’s masterplan is to convince everyone that Wales are underdogs in the 2015 World Cup.

Armchair coach Jerry Fatarse told WalesOnCraic:

“Wales played a good game. They showed what they are capable of but secretly, they dropped off in the second half because they had one eye on the World Cup. England will come into the World Cup like some cocky bastard but secretly, Wales will have been harnessing super powers to lead them to the World Cup final. They’ve been to Superted and Spotty Man – you won’t believe what they will be capable of in September. It’s all a ruse.”

Another fan said:

“What a crock of shit. I paid £12 to watch that shit. Where’s my kebab?”

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