Wales counting the cost of overnight storms

Wales is counting the costs of an overnight storm that battered the country.

Patio chairs were blown over and wheelie bins were scattered at Storm Aileen unleashed over Wales.

One resident told WalesOnCraic:

“I could hardly sleep during the night, it was that bad. We locked ourselves in the safest part of the house. It was only at first light that we could see the full extent of the damage – my patio chair had fallen over and a few of the flowers were not looking so good. Poor old Mrs Jones next door – her wheelie bin had moved a few inches from where she had left it. She’s now going to have to move it back into the position where she had left it before the storm.”

Weather experts said this type of storm was unusual for a Tuesday night:

“We were trying to watch Dr Foster and because of the noise of the wind, I had to turn the telly up. Storms like this don’t usually happen on a Tuesday night which suggests to me that climate change is having a real effect on the country.”

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