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Wales ‘couldn’t give a shit about Cheryl Whatserface’s divorce: CLAIM

WalesOnCraic can reveal that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has once again failed to fight for this love as she has exclusively revealed to all the world media, that she is divorcing her 2nd husband Jean-Bernard.

There have been reports recently that the language was a barrier between the couple and as WalesOnCraic Entertainments Reporter, Theresa Felch reports:

“I can understand how Jean-Bernard must feel. He speaks French brilliantly. I suppose that helps, as he is French. I can understand Jean-Bernard, but I cannot understand a word that Cheryl speaks on X-Factor. I press the red button for subtitles, but I forget it’s on ITV and not S4C.

“Cheryl divorced her first husband, footballer Ashley Cole and the music world wonders who her next victim, err..I mean husband will be,” said Theresa Felch.

WalesOnCraic went onto the streets of Carmarthen and spoke to youngsters enjoying the Saturday nightlife.

Student Maria Hugeminge said:

“Wasn’t she from a reality TV show? I remember hearing some of her so called music on the radio and thought, what shite. Will they honestly be playing this in 10 or 20 years’ time? In reality, they are not playing it a year later.”

Bar Manager Huw Janus-Cole said:

“We put her songs on the juke box and the pub would empty. So that is what we play when it’s time to empty the pub. Put on Fight for this Love, and the pub is cleared in 2 minutes….. even quicker than Joe Dolce’s “Shaddap You Face”. And that takes some beating.”

Out of almost 100 people asked for their comments, the overwhelming view was that Wales doesn’t give a shit, though Cheryl’s Aunty Janice who lives in Carmarthen said she was distraught as she had bought Jean-Bernard and Cheryl a love spoon and a bottle of Penderyn whisky.

BBC Wales is showing a one hour documentary on Cheryl’s divorces at 3.45am on Monday morning on BBC4. No one is expected to watch it or even bother to record.

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