Wales can expect drier weather when it stops raining – experts

Weather experts have told WalesOnCraic that Wales can expect drier weather when the rain stops.

Most of Wales has been left pretty moist over the last week or two as an area of low pressure sits its fat arse over the country.

Weather expert, Derek the Weathersheep, told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been pretty moist out there but I can confidently predict that drier weather will follow once the rain stops. We know from historical data that the rain comes and goes and once it stops raining, the drier weather usually follows. What usually happens then is that things start to dry up a bit and it’s then that we start to feel a little bit drier. I don’t know when it will stop raining and at the moment, it feels like we’re in Gotham City. I know a few people were wanting to have barbeques this weekend but that’s not going to happen.”

Wet weather is usually associated with rain, which is water, and falls from the sky.

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