Wales boycott World Cup in response to Russian sanctions

Wales has said that it’s to boycott this year’s World Cup in Russia in response to recent sanctions imposed by the Kremlin.

Welsh football players have been told to take the summer off and to do something nice instead, like going to Butlins.

A spokesman said:

“We take a very stern view of what the Russians have been up to these last few years, and especially so over the last few months. We had a meeting down the pub with the lads and we’ve decided to withdraw the Welsh team from this year’s World Cup, which of course, takes place in Russia. We don’t want to look as though we are supporting a country that bullies the rest of the world with its underhand tactics. We’ve told the boys to take some time off and get some rest instead.”

Russian football officials were baffled by the fax sent from the Welsh squad.

“What is this shit?” said one official.

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