The Voice contestants leave show after suffering ‘sustained and chronic’ boredom syndrome

Two contestants from The Voice have pulled out after succumbing to sustained and chronic boredom.

Chloe Castro and Beth Morris is pulling out for ‘personal and health reasons’ but WalesOnCraic understands that the girls had been suffering from ‘sustained and chronic boredom’ for the last few weeks.

An anonymous spokesperson told WalesOnCraic:

“I watched first episode of this new series a few months back and within ten minutes, I was reaching for the 300 pack of paracetamol and a bottle of whisky. These poor girls have been stuck with this, day in day out, for weeks. Can you imagine that? My understanding is that the girls have been carted off the local mental health clinic to be assessed. They will be reintegrated with more stimulating ways of life gradually over the next few weeks in case it comes as too much of a shock for them.”

The Voice showcases contestants who make a noise for four judges sat in chairs facing in the opposite direction. Should the contestant impress the judges enough, the judge will turn around in their seat. A similar thing happens when someone farts loudly on a bus.

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