VAR to be introduced to School Sports Days

Video Assistant Referee technology is to be implemented into all Welsh School Sports Days.

It follows news that parents are lacing their kids’ Dairylea sandwiches with anabolic steroids and distracting teachers by shouting rude words.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been getting many complaints from officials about the cheating that’s been going on in Sports Days across the country. We have therefore taken the bold step of introducing VAR technology across the land to ensure that Sports Days are carried in the manner in which they were created. To fund this, we will be scrapping all teaching and free school dinners. We want our country to be full of champions and we will not tolerate cheats in our schools system.”

One student said:

“What? What you on about? What have we got for tea? Chicken nuggets again? Are you being serious?”

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