Valley Commandos sent to protect Biden at inauguration

A crack team of Valley commandos has been sent to Washington DC to help protect president-elect Joe Biden at his inauguration tomorrow.

The team will spend the day fronting up to anyone who wants a fight and headbutting anyone who tries to spoil Joe’s big day.

Special forces commander Ant Middleleg told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve sent the boys out there to obviously protect Mr Biden and obviously, we’re going out there to enjoy ourselves and all credit to the other team, we knew that they were going to be difficult to break down but obviously, the lads are feeling pretty confident right now and obviously, I said to the lads at half-time, just go out there and enjoy yourselves and obviously, we’ll take all the positives from today but obviously, there are areas of our game that we need to work on so obviously, we’ll regroup, take each game as it comes and obviously…err..yeah.”

The team was flown out of RAF St Athan undercover last night. Eyewitness say that they saw team members in tight jeans, short-sleeved tops and canvas daps getting onto a helicopter just after midnight.

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