Unemployment Soars As Facebook Political Experts Pipe The Fuck Down

Unemployment in Wales has soared by 9 million after Facebook political experts have piped the fuck down.

Figures have shown that employment of Facebook political experts peaked on Thursday – the day of the General Election.

The Welsh Government’s Head of Statistics and Shit, Tony Bellend told WalesOnCraic:

“This new government has a real problem on its hands as millions of online political experts are now finding themselves posting pictures of kittens and food. We are no longer seeing the wise, balanced arguments from political commentators. It’s back to the old way of things unfortunately.”

Armchair commentator Ashley Dipshit told WalesOnCraic:

“Yeah, I just posted what everyone else was posting. Getting Facebook likes is the way to change this country but to be honest, I just liked to share what other people were sharing. What’s an NHS? Have I got one? Am I entitled to one?”

Millions of Facebook political experts are now expected so sign on to unemployment benefit so that they can stay at home and post pictures of kittens and food on Facebook.

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