Election 2017

UKIP’s National Councillor Team orders in celebratory meal-for-one

UKIP’s National Councillor Team has ordered in a celebratory meal-for-one following last night’s Council Elections.

The party’s leader Paul Nuttall cut short a visit to Agincourt, where he had on e led an army against the French, to celebrate UKIP’s election victory.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“We are delighted that we have take one council seat throughout the entire UK in these local elections. It just goes to show that someone out there still loves enough to vote for us. We’ve ordered in an Iceland prawn curry for one to celebrate and we may even buy a bottle of beer to wash it down with. Our new council member can expect the full weight of the party behind them when the want to complain about how often their bins are collected. We have a very important job to do and our party will continue to exist to make sure that our new councillor has all the tools available to their disposal.”

Iceland checkout girl Tanya Zitty said:

“There was a UKIP person in here earlier yes. They bought a prawn curry for one and a pint of milk.”

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