UK unemployment tumbles as number of Brexit experts rises

The UK has seen a sharp rise in Brexit experts, leading to the country’s best-ever unemployment figures.

The increase in Brexit experts has been mostly seen in areas of social media, where experts have been sharing half-truths and in some cases, total bollocks.

A spokesman for the government told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve never seen so many EU experts come out of the woodwork. A lot of my friends have surprised me by coming out as total experts on immigration and the wider economic implication of a separation from the European Union when I just thought that they were stay-at-home mums or bus drivers. I’m very impressed at how they have become so knowledgeable about such things when I’ve spent most of my life at university and work trying to figure it all out.”

One newly-employed expert added:

“I consider myself a leading light on the immigration policy of the UK. We can’t have all those bloody foreigners coming over here and taking our new jobs.”

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