UK spaghetti hoops crop in danger of failing

The UK’s spaghetti hoops crop is in danger of failing this year.

Farmers say that the wet summer combined with the effects of the pandemic has put a strain on this year’s harvest, and that crop could fail within the next few weeks.

Farmer Giles from Brecon told WalesOnCraic:

“Things have been getting harder and harder for us farmers but this year has been a total pisser. We planted our spaghetti hoops crop well in advance as we thought we’d be getting another hot summer like last year. But temperatures were down and the pandemic has meant that we’ve not been able to get the season staff in this year to get out into the fields to pick the hoops. If we don’t get more sunshine in the next few weeks, I’m afraid that the UK could be looking at a spaghetti hoop shortage this winter.”

A government spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“We sympathise with the farmers but if we were them, we’d retrain in cyber.”

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