UK to give Elise Christie a group hug on her return from South Korea

The UK is to give speed skater Elise Christie a group hug when she returns home from the Winter Olympics.

Christe suffered at the games in North Korea and has even come away with a bardy ankle.

A spokesman for the Group Hug Association told WalesOnCraic:

“If anyone needs a hug right now, it’s going to be Elise Christie. The poor girl’s been working her blue arse off for years hoping to get us a medal. And through a bit of bad luck and a few split-second decisions, she’s coming home empty-handed. We’ll be waiting at the airport for her when she comes back and the whole of the UK is to join in a group hug to make her feel better. We will then whisk Christie back home where we will get her to put her slippers on and we’ll make her a hot chocolate. That’s what we are here for.”

Christie was hoping to win at least one medal but thanks to some pesky foreigners, it was not to be.

The Winter Olympics has never been the same since the retirement of Daley Thompson in 1992.

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