Tupperware lid found after 2 hour search

A Millennial has today spent 2 hours trying to find the lid to a takeaway container so that he can meal prep for the week. The lid, which was slightly bent out of shape due to it going through the dishwasher, was found behind the thin plastic IKEA chopping boards that no one uses.

Speaking after the incident, Max Todger said:

“Tupperware should be renamed ‘Tupper-where-is-the-fucking-lid?’. I was buried in the depths of that cupboard for over 2 hours. I found some things I thought I’d lost and about 15 loose cocktail sticks. But bugger me, do you think I could find the lid?”

Todger added:

“They’ve all turned orange because they went in the dishwasher with the plates from a bolognaise and not one fitted. Eventually found the one I needed in a different blydi cupboard, behind the bastard chopping boards that we never use, but we can’t throw out because they’re for ‘Justin Case’ whoever the chuff he is. How did they get blydi separated is what I wanna know?”

When asked why he wanted that particular Tupperware, Todger said:

“I need to post a picture to Instagram of my 20 matching Tupperware tubs with the same meal in. Brown rice, steamed chicken, a boiled egg and some al denté Broccoli. How will people know what I’m eating if I don’t post a picture of them all lined up on the worktop?”

Fair enough.

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