Trump to turn Merthyr Mawr into a golf resort

US President Donald Trump is to transform Merthyr Mawr into a luxury golf resort.

Work will start on the resort next month after cancelling his tour of North Korea.

A spokesman for the White House told WalesOnCraic:

“Our dear leader is hoping to have a golf resort in every country in the world by the end of the month. This will allow him to play golf when he gets bored of being president, which is quite often. He specifically chose Merthyr Mawr because it already has sand dunes built in and as he is such a lazy shit, the less there is to do, the better. With close links to the M4, it means that lots of other lazy shits can come along and join our beloved leader in his favourite game.”

The new complex will include a hotel, a brothel and several bars serving beer.

“Trump is very proud of his British connections. Thankfully, it’s Scotland we have to blame for him.”

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