Trump to flee in exile to Tonypandy if he loses the election

President Trump has hinted that he will flee to Tonypandy to avoid arrest and a possible jail sentence if he loses tomorrow’s US election.

Trump is hoping to win a second term in the White House to save his orange leather arse from going to jail amid corruption and fraud charges.

A spokeswoman for the White House told WalesOnCraic:

“Mr Trump is currently scouring the world to live should the worst happen and he loses the election. The obvious choice would be Scotland but we know that Interpol would be seeking him there. Instead, Mr Trump has hinted that he may lay low in a place called Tonypandy, which is in Wales. We don’t know Mr Trump’s links to Tony or even Pandy, but our people have already scoped the town out and have found him a nice flat to live in, should he lose the election.”

Tomorrow’s election looks set to go down to the wire with a vibrant Donald Trump hoping to hold off the challenge of the 400-year-old Joe Biden.

The results are expected to be officially announced in 2023.

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