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Trump swaps Air Force One for a Junkers Ju 290

American Fuhrer Donald Trump has swapped his presidential Boeing 747 for a Junkers Ju 290.

Trump told the press that his new mode of transport was ‘the best, trust me’.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m the best President that this world has ever seen. Trust me. I’m winning bigly all over the place. As a result, I’ve decided to swap my usual Boeing 747 for a Junkers. Junkers are far more familiar to me and I think that it suits me much more, believe me. My staff don’t like it but hey – who are they to argue with me? With my new Junkers, I’ll be able to fly over my new Mexican wall and admire the way that I stop rapists from coming into the country. I’ve also ordered myself a new white golfing shirt and some khaki slacks. I was going to order them off Amazon but I don’t like Jeff much so I bought them from Matalan. That way, I’m making America great again.”

Trump’s personal pilot, Hans Bower said:

“Trump prefers the old Junkers. It reminds him of the good old days that he wants to bring back to this country.”

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