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Trump says both sides to blame in Star Wars hostilities

President Trump has said that both sides are to blame in the Star Wars hostilities.

He said that both sides were very aggressive and that there were some ‘good people’ on both sides.

A spokesman for the White House said:

“Our Fuhrer has taken his time to come to a wise and profound decision on this topic. For many years, our Great Leader has always tried to take a neutral side in this. He sees the good in all people – Darth Vader included. Remember, Darth was the one who gave thousands of people jobs when it came to building the Death Star. This is the sign of a true president, one who can embrace all sides. He cannot condone violence of any kind, unless it’s with one of those blaster things because they’re really cool. Ultimately, the Rebels were as much to blame as anyone else.”

One Star Wars fan said:

“He is right. If the Rebels had just kept quiet and stayed at home knitting at something, none of this would have happened.”

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