Trump ‘hid £32’ in offshore tax haven at Barry Island

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US President Donald Trump is alleged to have hidden £32 in an offshore tax haven at Barry Island.

The orange man-baby has come under increasing pressure to declare his private financial dealings. A local resident told WalesOnCraic that Trump kept the £32 hidden in an envelope underneath the Log Flume.

The anonymous source told WalesOnCraic:

“I was working the Log Flume last summer when I was approached by two mysterious men in smart suits and sunglasses. They asked me if I was in charge of the ride and I confirmed to them that I was. They then handed me an envelope and asked if I could hide it for them. I said yes because I had nothing better to do but when they left, I opened it to find £32 inside. There was also a note saying ‘This money belongs to Mr Trump. Please return if found.”

The source said that the men in suits never returned to collect the money. The source also said that they believe the money belongs to the President, and is hiding it in the offshore location so that he can collect it when he loses the election in November.

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