Tremorfa sewage farm opens farm shop

Tremorfa Sewage Farm has opened its first Farm Shop.

The Cardiff-based water treatment facility has had to diversify following low profits. The shop has been designed to help keep the plant afloat (pun intented).

Manager Brian Turd told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been struggling to make money these last couple of years. We’ve seen how well the likes of Folly Farm have been doing so we thought we’d open our own Sewage Farm shop. We’ll have lots of things on sale here – things like water and stuff. We’ve ordered a load of giant pencils in from China but they haven’t arrived yet. At least, I think they haven’t arrived – I was out buying milk yesterday and when I got back, there was one of those things that the postmen shove through the door when you’re out. They must be down the office but they’ve told me to wait 24 hours before I try and get it.”

But critics have been quick to slam the plans. Local resident Jenny Grimgrits said:

“Why don’t they just open a theme park there? It’d save me going all the way down to Oakwood. My son Jimmy would love it. Why do they never think of the kids?”

The farm also hopes to add a new adventure playground to the facility by the end of the year to entice families to the venue.

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