Treherbert man holds in fart during full 50 minute massage

A man from Treherbert has held a fart in during a full 50 minute massage.

Gary Thundergunt said he didn’t enjoy the massage as he would have liked because of the troublesome fart.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I felt like I needed to guff when I was taking my clothes off. I was hoping to squeeze one out before she came back to start but before I knew it, she was knocking on the door, asking me if I was ready. I hopped on the bed face down and knew that I had to keep it in. She started getting down to business but I couldn’t relax. I knew if I did, it’d fall out. I did consider letting it out a little bit at a time while she went to put on the Sounds of the Sea CD that had finished. She was too bloody quick. I had to clench my cheeks at one point, especially when she was doing the back of my legs and accidentally touched my bollock.”

Pam Shinyhands of Executive Massages said:

“If we had known that our client wanted to fart, we would have given him a few minutes at the start of the massage. We need to be informed about stuff like this.”

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