Train ticket machines to be upgraded to steam powered models

Train ticket machines across Wales are to be upgraded to steam powered versions.

Ticket machines are currently powered by a small team of mice on a wheel housed inside the casing.

Rail boss Ian Choochoo told WalesOnCraic:

“We acknowledge that our ticket machines are currently very slow and also seem to run particularly slow when passengers are waiting for their ticket to come out and the train is just about to leave the station. We have listened to our feedback and we have therefore decided to upgrade all ticket machines to steam powered versions that should save passengers at least 10 minutes while waiting for a ticket. We will be rolling out all our new machines in 2021 and hope to have the entire country upgraded by 2045.”

One rail passenger said:

“I head down a week before I’m due to travel – that’s how long it takes for my ticket to come out of the machine.”

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