Train passengers told to lose weight to avoid overcrowding


Passengers on beleaguered Welsh train services have been told to ‘lose weight’ to help ease the problem of overcrowding.

Tina LargeCalves of the Welsh Rail Transport Union suggested that large passengers are to blame for the overcrowding problem.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“You see them all staggering up the stairs onto the platform, mouths full of chips and a hamburger in the other. They then get onto our trains and expect us to have room for them. I suggest that our trains are capable of transporting the allocated number of passengers on its licence. However, when all these passengers are lazy lardarses, one cannot expect to fit them all in. I blame the government for this problem. They’re always saying that we should travel more by public transport yet we are not equipped to shuttle round a load of fatties.”

One commuter said:

“I don’t even have time for breakfast in my house so I don’t know what this woman is talking about. While it is true that there are some smelly people on the trains in the mornings, this is not because they’re overweight. It’s just they haven’t washed before coming to work. Coming home is even worse.”