Totally Shit Weather On Way To Wales

Hi Weatherchums. Derek the Weathesheep here.

I’ve got a weather warning for you – that’s if you live in lovely Wales of course. There are some weather fronts moving into the country that are going to bring high winds and rain.

Here’s what the big boss man down at the Weather Centre says:

“An unseasonably windy spell is likely across many parts of the UK later on Monday, overnight and well into Tuesday, as active frontal systems sweep across the UK. An initial swathe of southerly gales accompanied by heavy rain will move east across many parts later on Monday, giving gusts of 40-50 mph widely but 60-70 mph across exposed Irish Sea and perhaps some English Channel coasts. Winds will become west or southwesterly on Tuesday, with further gusts to 40-50 mph more locally, before gradually easing later. Large waves will affect some coasts in the west and south at times.

Given the unseasonable nature of the winds, the public should be aware of the potential for disruption to transport and outdoor activities. Damage to some trees seems likely”

Please watch out for flying wheelie bins, stay safe and cwtch up tight.

Derek xxx

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