Tom from MySpace to open Gellideg Christmas Fayre

Tom from MySpace is to open Gellideg Christmas Fayre next month.

Tom offered to open the Fayre after being turned down to turn on the Tonypandy Christmas lights.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been at a loose end for a few years now so I’m helping out where I can. After my success of MySpace, I even bought myself a new camera to take a new profile pictures with but I lost that and then things went downhill from there. I’m looking forward to opening the Christmas Fayre as they’ve got Santa there this year. They’ve also got a woman selling some home-made pickles and jams and that – it’s my kind of gig.”

The Mayor of Gellideg said:

“Yeah we’ve got Tom coming in, whoever he is. We were going to get Superted but he’s busy saving the world.”

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