Today’s forecast: 100% chance of boob sweat

Wales is expected to swelter in another very warm day today, bringing with it a 100% chance of boob sweat.

Boob sweat has become a real issue for some women, and men who eat too much shit.

A spokesman for the Sweaty Boob Society told WalesOnCraic:

“This heatwave has created a boob sweat epidemic. We haven’t seen levels like this since the ’70s. Supplies of underboob deodorant have virtually dried up so we’re all in this together. Looking at the forecast, it’s also unlikely that there is an end in sight too, since this heatwave looks like it’s going to go on for months and months. Here at the Sweaty Boob Society, we are giving out leaflets to advise people on what to do if they are suffering from excessive boob sweat. We are advising people to send in photographs of their sweaty boobs so that we can analyse them on the best course of action.”

Temperatures topped 5 billion degrees yesterday in Wales and one ginger person spontaneously exploded outside Iceland on Saturday.

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