Thunderthtorms on their way to Wales

Huge, massive thunderstorms are on their way and will reach Welsh shores on Friday.

Everyone in Wales is being told to wear wellies in case they get struck by lightning.

A spokeswoman from the Weather Centre told WalesOnCraic:

“They’re gonna be yuge. They’re gonna be mathive. You won’t have theen anything like thith in all the world. Ever. And that’th a fact. It ith true however that thethe thunderthtorms will be few and far between tho don’t go getting your hopth up and all that. We predicted the end of the world a few weekth ago and nothing happened.”

Weather people say that Friday’s storms will probably miss most people in Wales, but wanted to put out an Weather Warning as they had nothing else to do.

“We were getting bored after all this hot weather so we thought we’d invent a Weather Warning,” said one.

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